At Hærværk we do not have a fixed menu that we serve day after day for weeks or months at a time.

The ingredients we work with may vary daily. We are putting a lot of effort into finding unique ingredients and using them in ways so that the resultaing dishes will be unique expressions of the used ingredients. The way we cook can often change spontaneously depending on individual variances of the product. The less precooked the better, therefore we tend to cook all meals autentic.

Top Quality ingredients are often only available in small quantities, so the tasting menus for different tables may not be the same but each table will enjoy a unique and personal experience. This is the reason why we have no menus uploaded on our website.

Menu incl. snacks 450,- 4 Glasses of wine, incl. Mineralwater 350,-

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If you want to book a table for more than six persons, please contact us.

Make a reservation

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We are putting an effort into discovering new dishes and ingredients, which require we spend our time in the kitchen.
For that reason, we only answer E-mails from Tuesday to Thursday.
All inquiries regarding; booking, cancellation and changes must be made either through this website or by phoning us.
The phone is open from Tuesday to Saturday between 11:30 and 17:30

Frederiks Allé 105
8000 Aarhus C

Phone: 0045 50512651

Email: info@restaurant-haervaerk.dk